Patrick Ross & Hot Flannel Head to Chelsea Town Hall

See article at The Herald:

Musician/entertainer Patrick Ross will fire up his band, Hot Flannel, for a double header at the Chelsea Town Hall, with shows on Saturday, March 12 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, March 13 at 3 p.m.

“The roots are folk, the trunk is bluegrass, and all the branches have been grafted with worldly jams,” said Ross of his band. The rhythm tag-team Doug Perkins (flat-top guitar) and Tyler Bolles (upright bass) are taking the weekend off from touring with drummer Jon Fishman (Phish) to join Patrick Ross (fiddle) and Adam Buchwald (banjo/mandolin) for a weekend of acoustic wizardry.

Hot Flannel, a foursome of country boys-turned-men making newgrass music like there’s no tomorrow, embodies an unexpected twist of grounded and ground-breaking, cozy and cathartic. Four men of the hills, clad in jeans and flannel, bearded and every-day, stand casually on stage. As their fingers align on the strings, the instant transformation occurs as flannel gives way to heat, and a timeless, perfect ripple of sound and meaning envelops their listeners.

Someone said that “Hearing Hot Flannel is like floating on a tidy raft of trusty timbers down the clear running waters of an old Vermont river in the bright, hot sun. The river’s always been there, we’ve just never experienced it quite like this before. And it will never look quite the same to us again.”

The Chelsea Town Hall is located on Main Street in Chelsea, in the same building as the public library. Its architecture and acoustics are distinguished by a comfortable stage and the lighting is state of the art. A true hidden gem of performance venues, the town hall theater is a great place to take in acoustic music.

The first 10 people through the door wearing flannel get a free CD (both shows). Tickets will be available at the door, or in advance at 802-866-3324 or

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