Atlas = World
Key = Music

Folk, Dance, Electronica – Patrick Ross, Ben Salomon, Aaron Johnson

Atlas Key formed in 2017 under such influences as Beats Antique, Paul Simon and The Afro Celt Sound System. The trio seeks out the human element in electronica and raises it up for the world to dance to.

Atlas Key unlocks the new world of international folk and dance finding common ground and resonant tones in both live Electronica and Folk Music from around the world. As Patrick Ross’s latest project, the band defines itself in the space between genres and methods. Live looping and sequencing meets ancient melodies and motifs reinvented for the dancer in everyone. Percussionist Ben Salomon layers the rhythm, Aaron Johnson drives the groove along, swaying the audience with hypnotic bass lines and Patrick Ross focuses the sound with pointed melodies and harmonies from his guitar, fiddle, keyboard and voice.

Having collaborated with Ross on the Mountain Money series, Aaron Johnson is a multi instrumentalist with an appetite for improvisation. Typically a guitarist, Johnson picks up the bass and provides a groove foundation inspired by Funk, Rock, Folk along with Drum and Bass.

Ben Salomon, the man behind the beat and at the controller, has played with Patrick in the jazzy Americana band, Hot Flannel. Ben has proven his versatility and expertise time and time again and now is able to demonstrate his sequencing and production skills in full form.